Which Addy Awards have I won?

Addy Award Winners

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I received a text from my dad saying, “There is an article in today’s paper about the addy awards that u won.” It was regarding a recent newspaper article in the Citizens Voice titled “AAF holds annual awards ceremony.” Since it’s the season and I don’t have more info. on the awards I’ve won, I thought it’d be a good time to talk about what the AAF and Addy Awards are, and which I’ve won.

According to its website, the AAF, or, The American Advertising Federation, is America’s oldest advertising trade association, headquartered in Washington, D.C. This association acts as a “Unifying Voice for Advertising” and operates a multitude of programs and initiatives, including the annual American Advertising Awards, which was held on Friday in Northeast Pa., at Colarusso’s LaPalazzo in Moosic.

The AAF awards is the largest creative awards competition in the advertising industry and honors excellence in advertising. What graphic designer wouldn’t want to be a part of this?!

So, how many Addy Awards have I won? Uno. Dos. Tres! Three. Check out the gallery below to see them. And which have I won? As a student in 2009, I was awarded two bronze Addy Award medals for a book cover and candy package design.

Because money was nonexistent during my last semester of college in 2010, my former graphic design professor, Christine Medley, out of the kindness of her heart, submitted a T-shirt I designed for the CMYKlub, a graphic design club that I founded and was elected president to during my studies at Marywood University. I’m so grateful for Medley’s generosity. I hope she was proud that night at the ceremony after watching me win the gold Addy Award medal for the shirt. Thank you again!

To view more of my award-winners, check out a gallery of my portfolio here.

Addy Award Medal photos coming soon. Check back.