The Goblin Market Presents Occultus [2013]

The spirits beckoned me!

Airbrush Tattoos by Sangii Noroso

Airbrush Tattoos by Sangii Noroso

The Goblin Market Presents: Occultus is a dark night of entertainment and immersive spectacle, on the theme of Victorian occultism, mysticism, and spiritualism. Featuring exhibitors, unique vendors, displays, and spectacular entertainment, we invite you to come in and enjoy a unique evening in our welcoming, interactive theatre. You’re welcome to participate; you’re welcome to merely watch. Find your own pleasure with us.” Taken from Facebook

Harley, my literary agent, and I met some incredible people this past weekend at Occultus! Denny Daniel, curator of The Museum of Interesting Things, who you might recognize from the Science Channel’s show Oddities, was the first one. His booth included fascinating Victorian antiques, quack medical devices, toys, and inventions—all interactive! [See below for pictures of the event.]

The beautiful and electric Sangii Noroso bestowed the crowd with airbrush tattoos and face painting.

The lovely Lady Eleeza, from Steampunk Works, suggested Harley and I contact her to do some modeling—keep an eye out! Her stand included a wide range of oddities and the macabre. She had one item in particular that caught my eye: a poison ring in the shape of a casket. I almost bought it, but it was too small. Damn these giant knuckles!

As twilight crept over the building, a man asked if I’d do an interview (ruefully during open bar) for Sirius XM Radio on occultism and what it means to me. He asked everything from “What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?”—it’s always difficult to choose only one—to “Have you ever cast an evil spell on someone?” When we wrapped things up about thirty minutes later, I asked when it would air, but he didn’t know. I’ll be sure to post it when it does—if I don’t sound too crocked, that is!

Here’s a video of the Wandering Cellist & Anthime Miller performing a moving medley from Dr. Who:

At the end of the event, Harley and I were so wrapped up in conversation we forgot to sit in on our scheduled séance! It’s okay, there’s always next year!

I encourage all devoted maniacs interested in the macabre, the bizarre, and the curious to join The Goblin Market!


Here’s a list of other artisans and vendors that have made a wonderful impression on me:

Check back later for a more complete list—things are still a little blurry!