Author Interview: The Autodidact In The Attic – “Wake the Wicked”

I was thrilled to do another interview between Victoria Craven, admin of The Autodidact In The Attic, and me! Check it out and follow her:

Want more? Check out a past interview here, about Dancing With Death, a Facebook page devoted to Halloween culture.

Also, read her substantive book review of Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales here.

Book Review: The Autodidact In The Attic – “Wake the Wicked”

I’m so thankful for this Wake the Wicked book review by Victoria Craven from The Autodidact In The Attic. It’s substantive, sincere, and thought-provoking—everything an author could dream of!



Want more? Check out the author interview between her and me here.

Interview Between The Autodidact In The Attic & Dancing With Death