‘Princess Lacey’, A Portrait Illustration

“Princess Lacey”
watercolor, colored pencil, crystal
Christian Baloga


Princess Lacey, Portrait




















Saturday was a day of merriment for the friends and family of one little princess, Lacey Bella, as she celebrated her first birthday!

Pictured above is my gift to her.

Not knowing what to give a girl who’s toy room is bigger than my bedroom led me to one thing—put my talents to work and create something that will withstand age!

It was a project which, at first, led to experimentation with a splatter technique I’d seen on youtube and ended up being unceremoniously thrown in the nearest fire pit. Magic doesn’t always happen the first time ’round. But that’s ok! A couple weeks later, after I’d cleansed my mind, I tried again; this time, I let things flow; I ended up falling in love with it.

At that time, my friend agreed to sell me a frame for $5. To make things better, it was from an original Norman Rockwell print! There was only one tiny problem that ended up creating a whole other project in itself: the frame was covered in what appeared to be black and gold velour wallpaper with edges that peeled off from the solid oak beneath. To bring it up to date, I stripped the wallpaper, sanded the imperfections, and spray painted it silver. Since the original wire hanging was fragile, I removed it, secured two new eye-hooks and wire before I called it complete.

The portrait itself was something I thought Lacey would appreciate once she gets much older. Meanwhile, it’d be a gift for the parents to cherish.

However, I was wrong!

I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted Lacey to open my gift! After begging only once, Lacey’s mom gathered us around the side of a sparking swimming pool near a table overflowing with gifts. With the help of her parents, Lacey parted pink and blue tissue paper from inside the big gift bag and raised the portrait to eye level. Her eyes were locked onto the painting at once. She pointed at it, grabbed both sides of the frame, and kissed it! Her reaction melted our hearts and almost brought us to tears!

Lacey's Reaction to the Portrait I gave her.

Lacey Kissing Portrait of Herself







Happy First Birthday Princess Lacey!

We love you!

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