Junk to Jewelry

 [6.12.16 UPDATE]: 

I’ve handpicked some of these items to be available for sale on Etsy. Click HERE to head over to the store.

Armed with nothing but my cargo pocket swim trunks, I get down on my knees and scour the beach for shells and broken glass. When I’m closer to home, I pry the outskirts of cemeteries or the guts of abandoned buildings in search of discarded materials. When I’m home, I explore the forests surrounding my house for feathers, skeletal remains, and unoccupied wasp nests.

The idea of upcycling trash into something useable and beautiful is very appealing to me. Besides the excitement of finding bizarre objects, this practice is relaxing,  helps the environment, and allows me to convert findings into future art projects.

As you’ll see in the gallery below, I’ve altered sea glass, debris from nature, and many other odd materials deemed useless by nature and humans alike to make jewelry. You might have to take a second look—they’re not all what they seem! Or are they?

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Note: I’ll be selling a few of these junk to jewelry pieces at local #NEPA art & craft shows and flea markets—excluding ones described “for personal use only;” you might also see some listed in my store in the future.