It’s official—I’m a paperback writer!

Box of "Wake the Wicked" BooksOver two years ago, Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales began squirming around in my head. And pardon the cliché, but it felt like this day would never come—ever . . .

The whole process, to say the least, was anything but smooth sailing. But I’d do it all again! And again. And again. In fact—hint—the worms have been crawling around again, . . . but more on that some other time.

As you may have read, there are many wicked and exciting things in the paperback edition, including: illustrations, an affordable price, a foreword by horror author Lydia Peever, and a chance to receive a “Blood Gift,” a bloody novelty, handmade by the author himself. If you haven’t already, check out this for more detail on the paperback edition.

I hope when you flip open this book and begin reading, the stories take control of your mind. I want to get inside your head. Poke around for a while. Make you feel what the characters feel.

If you’re a reader who’s attentive to the quality and detail put forth in this “horror fiction gem,” as author Lydia Peever put it, I think you’ll be pleased and entertained!

The paperback’s release date will be on Curious Events Day, October 9, 2013! If you want to order on Amazon, it might take a little longer than it should. They’re dragging their asses, so I want to apologize in advance. As an alternative, you’ll always be able to pre-order the paperback edition below.

Don’t wait to order. The first thirteen will receive a free “Blood Gift!”

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Orders will be shipped October 9, 2013. Just in time for Halloween!