‘Death Cafes’ Multiply In The USA [video]

“Death has always been a taboo, macabre topic to discuss. Now, people are being much more open with ‘death cafes,’ where they can discuss the reality of death,” explains Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian.

“A few dozen Ohioans will meet Wednesday evening in a community room at a Panera Bread outside of Columbus for tea, cake and conversation over an unusual shared curiosity.

For two hours, split between small circles and a larger group discussion, they’ll talk about death. A facilitator may throw out questions to spark the conversation: How do they want to die? In their sleep? In the hospital? Of what cause? When do they want die? Is 105 too old? Are they scared? What kind of funerals do they want, if any? Is cremation better than burial? And what do they need accomplish before life is over?”*

Would you be open to joining a ‘death cafe’ discussion in your area?

I’d be in.

*Read more from Jaweed Kaleem/ Huffington Post:

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