Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day With #BookVogue


What if you could wear your favorite books? With Polyvore, you can! In honor of National Book Lover’s Day, I’ve just created a very special group called “Book Vogue” for us bibliophiles devoted to fashion. Over the past week or so, you might have even seen a couple posts of mine showing sets based on my admiration of both. The set below is a feminine look befitting the book Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales. I’ve even created a set inspired by author Edgar Allan Poe and a story called, “Under the Thorns” from the book Wake the Wicked.

Wake the Wicked - Lady Horror - #BookVogue

I encourage you to join the “Book Vogue” group on Polyvore to curate your own style sets to show off your unique interpretations of your favorite books, scenes, and authors. It’s up to your literary imagination to create something bibliotastic to inspire the world. Keep an eye out for future contests specific to the “Book Vogue” group where you could win signed author books, art, and more.

Sign up here, on Polyvore, to create your first set and use hashtag #BookVogue on social media.

*Authors and artists, you can hold contests specific to your work by joining “Book Vogue.”