Believe It or Not! My Art’s in Ripley’s!

Holding the vampire bat that he made from human hair at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Would you believe me if I told you my artwork is on display at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum on Times Square, NYC? How about if I told you it was made from human hair? My own hair?

After Ripley’s Believe It or Not! saw the photo of my human hair sculpture of a vampire bat, I received an email, with little delay, asking if I was coming to their Bizarre Buying Bazaar! event where they ‘Odd’praise “odd, unbelievable, and bizarre” pieces. Taking this as a sign of interest, I reacted to the opportunity with vigor by booking a trip to NYC just a few minutes before the W-B to NYC bus departed—and by a few minutes I mean we, my friend and I, sprinted from my car, to the terminal, to the bus.

Once at The Port Authority of NY, it only took three minutes to walk to Ripley’s museum on Times Square. I had bats in my stomach, but I remained grounded, suppressing any expectations, as I sat down across a table from Edward Meyer, VP Exhibits & Archives at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and showed him three of my human hair sculptures: a vampire bat, a horse fly, and a black widow spider—all life-size. None of which, apart from the bat, have been displayed to the public.

When Mr. Meyer raised a congratulating hand over the table, I felt my heart stop. He bought all three pieces! All three!

Having worked so hard on these human hair sculptures, it’s an incredible, surreal feeling to know I am a contributing artist of the most iconic museum in world!

You may be thinking, weren’t those creepy hair pieces a part of your show titled Christian Baloga: The Beauty of Grotesque? Are you still having the exhibit later this year?

Well yes, they were a part of the show, an integral part, in fact. But having this opportunity to display my artwork to the world in a Ripley’s museum was an opportunity I could never turn down. As such, I’m postponing the local NEPA exhibit until further notice. Check back regularly and join the newsletter for updates.

Since childhood, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has been my favorite museum, and now my work is part of it! Believe It or Not!

PS I also got to meet Evan Michelson from the Discovery Channel show Oddities [photo below]; when I showed her a photo of my human hair sculpture of the spider, she said “It’s beautiful.” I died.

Thanks to Angela Johnson, Edward Meyer, and the Ripley Archives. For further reading, visit the Ripley’s Facebook Page, website, and of course, the Times Square museum! All three human hair pieces will be displayed at the Times Square location until further notice. After which they will be shipped to other Ripley’s Museums. Also, I’m not sure when it’ll be aired, but if you see me on the NYC news, please record and share it with me!