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I see obvious talent in your work and there’s no question in my mind that you’re capable of writing publishable material […] […] the basic quality of your writing is impressive […]

Michael Garrett
Editor for the most successful writers of our time: Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard Matheson (to name a few)

I take great pleasure in writing this letter of recommendation for Christian Baloga.

For the two years Christian was my student, he showed great dedication in the completion of his assigned projects. With every assignment Christian was always willing to put in the effort that resulted in an excellent result.

I find him to be a personable individual who interacts within our class group. He is a wonderful student with a strong work ethic, always showing great interest in his areas of study.

I feel my time with Christian was very well spent and I am confident of his continued success.

Joan Newman
Professor: Luzerne County Community College

It is my privilege to write this letter of recommendation for Christian Baloga. In the two years Christian has been my student he has excelled in his studies. Christian has always undertaken his assignments with enthusiasm. He has constantly applied creative, innovative techniques to accomplish his projects.

I have found Christian to be a diligent learner who consistently produced work of exceptional quality. He is always willing to apply the extra effort necessary to achieve superior out-comes in his work.

Christian’s courses of study, under my direction, have encompassed both digital and traditional disciplines. He has never disappointed me and I am confident he will succeed in whatever field of endeavors he chooses to undertake.

It has been a pleasure to teach such a dedicated and willing student.

Kenneth Newman
Professor: Luzerne County Community College

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Christian Baloga. As his Counselor/Academic Advisor at Luzerne County Community College, Christian has been one of my advisees since Fall 2003 semester. Throughout my acquaintance with Christian, he has demonstrated both personal and professional excellence. While attending the college, Christian has maintained a part-time job while successfully achieving a G.P.A. Of 3.329.

I imagine Christian to be the kind of student that fellow students would want to emulate. He has my highest personal and professional recommendation. He will undoubtedly continue to distinguish himself at your [an] institution.

Deborah Boyson, MS

I have dealt with Christian over the past several years on a professional and personal level and have found him to be dependable, responsible, and very personable in his dealings.

Christian always puts his best foot forward. When he wants something, he stays focused and puts all of his efforts towards his goal. He is driven to succeed.

Chris Vida
Professor: Luzerne County Community College

My enjoyment of “Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales” by author Christian Baloga

Christian Baloga is an artist, and able to take the reins in nearly all aspects of production unlike many horror authors today. I was impressed by his body of work and multi-faceted nature. As such, Wake The Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales leads us beyond a plain spooky read. On realizing the labour in writing, packaging, and creating the visuals and teasers that surround the launch of this horror fiction gem, Baloga is able to do it all with frightening finesse. The book trailer intrigued me, and I had the suspicion the author was behind the creative drive for it as well. Soon enough, I confirmed my suspicions, interviewed Baloga, and reviewed the trailer on dreadfultales.com. Then, it was to wait anxiously for the book release.

Included in the paperback only, there are additional illustrations which I was lucky enough to see beforehand. Yet another skill this artist holds; bringing print stories to life in more ways than one.

Stand out favorites of mine include; “Flesh Boots” (I have an affinity for the German, dogs, and cleaning), “Psycho Pharm” (so terribly distressing and beautifully written in the tradition of Plague Dogs), “Tremble For Me” (which struck me as the most violent while being a commentary on popularity in the digital age), “Savage Games” (if anything, as a child, I avoided being monstrous and this lesson reminds me why), “Dusk to Dust” (fascinating visuals of powerful and wonderful women that remind me of the Soskas, Canada’s Twisted Twins), and “Ripped to Ribbons,” where curiosity caught the cat, but you will have to read on to see what dies.

Without going overboard too often into visceral or grotesque horror, Wake the Wicked dips in and out of terror, letting us peek around shadowy corners into nightmarish landscapes. In delightful dark moments the reader is plunged headfirst into brilliant gore and at times relentless brutality. All the while, an air of tenderness whispers through the prose making every moment personal and vividly imagined. Intensely descriptive, it’s easy to take walk in his characters shoes, though the faint of heart may try to stop or run away from what they face.

Lydia Peever
Author of Nightface

Recommendation from Lona
“. . . I have to say Christian worked his magic. He is a GREAT photographer. I would strongly suggest hiring him for any photo shoots.”

“The prospect of running for a county wide office was daunting! The task to develop and design palm cards to be handed out at the polls for a 3 person ticket in a race with 6 open slots and 11 candidates made the design impact and appeal much more critical! We offered you a bit of script and our names and you created a stunning product! The piece was almost too good to part with! It was a key part of a clean sweep victory for 3 underdogs! Our successful campaigns were certainly given a big boost by the top notch design you crafted especially for us! Thanks for the extra edge in the election process!”

Renita, Harry, David
Newly Elected Members of PA State Committee

“Christian very quickly understood what I was looking for in a new logo design for my business. Just as quickly he provided me with several conceptual logo designs from which I picked my final choice. Final product was delivered in many formats and was just what I was looking for. Thank you for a great logo design.”

Bob McGuire, Senior Partner,
The Lakeside Group

“When I published my first book, I did not know what to expect from a design aspect. I had an idea in my head on how I wanted the book to look and flow, but I also needed someone who could bring raw talent to the table. From my first meeting with Christian Baloga, I knew my book would be a caliber of design not only equaling the finest books on the market, but surpassing my high standards and expectations. Christian’s knowledge of design programs released their fullest potential and his creativity united my vision with reality. A professional experience I look forward to with future books on the Civil War.”

Frank D. Mroczka,
Starting your First Civil War Collection


“Thank you very much for taking the extra time to work out the portrait issue without me saying anything.  I really appreciated the extra effort put forth. “

Brian Cooper,
George P. Kalas Funeral Home

“Everything looks great and I have to say that the Portrait looks amazing.  Thanks!”

George P. Kalas Funeral Home




“Looks great!!!!”

Don McDonald,
M&K Funeral Home