‘Wake the Wicked’ Now On Google Play!

Order Google Play

I hadn’t planned for this to be one of my big news posts, but when someone asked me last night if my book, Wake the Wicked, was available on Google Books, and it wasn’t, I needed to make some changes.

With the rising growth of Google Play, I thought, “How could Wake the Wicked not be a part of the store?” I wasted no time in putting my swamp rats to work. And now, after only a few laborious hours, I’m happy to announce it’s arrival to the book store! Click HERE, or the big Google Play image, to order now.

Special thanks to Maureen for the suggestion!

Don’t have Google Play? Here are a few other places to order from:

Kindle | Nook |  KoboiBooks | Google Play | Paperback | Espresso Book Machine