My First Signature Collection of Apparel Has Gone Public on VIDA

Christian Baloga for VIDA & Co.I was honored to receive contact from VIDA & Co., a Google Ventures backed startup that works with a selective group of artists from around the world to join their renowned fashion design community. VIDA is where craftspeople and manufacturers connect to transform artwork into luxury fashion and apparel products for those with impeccable style and a mindfulness of responsibly produced products.

I present this collection to you on VIDA with such excitement as it represents my lifelong passion and dedication to fashion, art, and bringing real-world benefits to people struggling to rise above the cycle of poverty. According to TNW, “In an interview, CEO Umaimah Mendhro emphasized how this goes beyond monetary compensation; scarf-makers in Karachi, Pakistan, for instance, earn literacy classes for every 15 scarves produced. You’re even able to see how many workers will receive classes based on your purchases.”

To inspire you, I’ll be mixing and matching items from my collection on Polyvore, where you can also discover your own style, create your own outfit, and shop.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you by offering 10% off your next order by using the code VIDAWELCOME. The first ten customers who buy my pieces each receive a 25 USD VIDA gift card. Additionally, for every VIDA product sold, VIDA offers literacy programs for their factory employees. Thank you for your continued support. Shop now!