Winning ‘Official Eden: A Vegan Café T-shirt & Merch’ Design Contest: TBT

My design won the front of the Official Eden: A Vegan Cafe T-shirt & Merch design contest on April 9, 2011.

Each time I see someone wear it online or on the streets it makes me feel so good. As a Scrantonian, and for the last sixteen years, a vegetarian/vegan, I’m proud to be a part of Scranton’s first & only vegan restaurant: Eden: A Vegan Cafe. 


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The US presidential election is over, but there’s one more election I want to direct your attention to. Read More …

The Electric City, a weekly arts and entertainment newspaper, is having the annual “Best Of” for people and businesses in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area.
I’d be grateful if you vote for me as ‘Best Local Author‘ and ‘Best Local Visual Artist‘ (under the category Superstars). My name is already listed; you can vote each day until Friday, November 18. Thank you!

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New Book Underway . . .

Christian Baloga's New Book Underway

12,081. As of today, that’s the number of words I’ve written in my newest book.

I couldn’t be more proud of what I’ve written this far about a series of unworldly events in the early 1900s that were so obscure, so startling, they never made it into textbooks. The story begins in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Read More …

with the eerie abduction of a woman whose unwitting family, desperate to find her, becomes embroiled in a scourge of nightmares that disfigure the world as they know it. Unknown to them, a merciless, invasive force is at hand—much closer than they think. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they must band together to survive before madness and death overtake them.

Working on this monumental novel has taken over a year, and will demand more time to complete. But with the outline finished and the rough second act underway, it’s exhilarating to see the story come alive.

While you’re waiting, read an excerpt from my first bizarre book, Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales here.

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Before I sign off and get back to work, I want to wish all my readers and art fans happy holidays. Hope you’re having an eventful 2016, and thank you for the support you gave me this year, and all the years before.