Download ‘Oops – Animated Stickers’ for iMessage

Ever send a text to the wrong person?  Lucky for you Oops – Animated Stickers is here to bandage things up. Now available on the App Store HERE.


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Have you ever sent an embarrassing text you regret? Ever sent a text to the wrong person? You’re not alone. With Oops, it’s a breeze to bandage up those wrongly sent texts—despite how funny they may be!

With Oops, your nudes and objectionable content are safer. You can now loan your phone to Grandma without worrying she taps the wrong button.

Sentimental types, and hoarders, toil over deleting parts of a conversation. A better solution is to bandage up the unpleasant parts with Oops – Animated Stickers.

Another great use for Oops is when you can’t bare to look at a nasty text but still want to keep the conversation in context. Save yourself some grief, bandage it.

Does your mom hate it when you curse? Show her you care with an apology. Censor your careless banter with a variety of specially made Oops stickers.

Censoring things can also be just plain fun. For example, stick the censors on photos of signs. Pasting a “CENSORED” sticker over the word ‘hands’ on an “Employees must wash hands before leaving” sign makes for a funny guessing game.

Another goal of Oops is to protect you and your contact’s sensitive information from being taken by bystanders peeping over your shoulder, or those borrowing your phone. This is a good idea if you want to keep the password in context instead of deleting it.

Whether your style is conspicuous or demure, Oops – Animated Stickers has what it takes bandage up your iMessage mistakes.

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Oops – Animated Stickers is the first aid kit for iMessage. Before more damage is done, download Oops – Animated Stickers.

Stickers Include:

• Oops – Silhouette person holding sign that reads, “SORRY, WRONG PERSON.”
• Oops – Seal that reads, “PLEASE IGNORE THIS”
• Oops – Round coverup bandage in the shape of a text bubble
• Oops – Long bandage in the shape of a text bubble with the words “oops” above it.
• Oops – Red text bubble with text, “What I meant was . . . $%#!*”
• Oops – Round red top secret seal with eagle flapping it’s wings
• Oops – Red squiggle line
• Oops – Black pen cross out scribbles
• Oops – Black pen scribbles over white text bubble
• Oops – Multiple black marker redaction lines
• Oops – Single black marker redaction line
• Oops – Fig leaf for covering up private parts
• Oops – Pixelated colors for light skin tone to cover up private parts
• Oops – Pixelated colors for medium skin tone to cover up private parts
• Oops – Pixelated colors for dark skin tone to cover up private parts
• Oops – Pixelated blue for covering up sent iMessages
• Oops – Pixelated gray for covering up replies in iMessage
• Oops – Parental advisory sign
• Oops – “Oops!” yellow warning sign with person cover mouth with hand
• Oops – Horizontal black censored bar with the word, “NOPE”
• Oops – Regulatory street sign of man carrying line to represent “no”
• Oops – Regulatory street sign with line through middle
• Oops – Street sign displaying index finger wagging with the word “NO”
• Oops – Two pieces of duct tape cross to make an X
• Oops – Black seal with lock bobbing that reads, “CLASSIFIED CONTENT”
• Oops – Horizontal black censor bar
• Oops – Vertical black censor bar
• Oops – Cross out scribbles with black pen
• Oops – Silhouette man whites out scribbles in text bubble
• Oops – Two bulging band aids cross to form an X
• Oops – Double street barricade sign
• Oops – Single street barricade sign
• Oops – Ambulance races forward as an oversized bandage with the words, “Oops” pops in and out of the back.

NOTE: Oops – Animated Stickers will not protect any data from being stolen, as any sticker can be deleted individually. This sticker pack will, however, help you have fun covering up any iMessage booboos.

Download Oops – Animated Stickers now, HERE.