Download ‘Garden of Healing – Animated Sticker Messages’ for iMessage

Garden Of Healing iMessage Sticker Messages

Garden of Healing – Animated Sticker Messages

Lift the spirits of a loved one who needs encouragement with these Garden of Healing – Animated Sticker Messages. In times of pain or immobility we especially need a pick-me-up from someone close. This animated sticker pack offers a wide variety of messages that will make your loved one Read More …

smile and perhaps take their mind off current circumstances. 

This animated sticker set was designed to help heal all those we love, whose side we cannot be next to at the moment. Whether you want to send healing messages to those awaiting surgery, those who are recovering, those suffering from cancer or a physical or mental illness or injury, those struggling with addiction or fear, those with a grieving heart, or anyone else going through a difficult time. 

Although we can’t be beside our loved ones night and day, these clear and loving words and images will inspire, empower, and open the gateway of the heart. Showing your support and sending positive thoughts to your friend or family member can boost them to a happy place. Sometimes a heartfelt message is the best medicine. 

Radiate some sunshine into the life of a loved one who may need it most. The messages on each sticker, partnered with subtle, flowing movements of flowers, berries, and foliage, is sure to give your loved one a sense of comfort and peace in their time of need. 

For a beautiful way to speak what’s in your heart, these animated stickers will let your love flow in a way that’s unique, honest, and true. Let your loved ones know how much you care today by downloading and sending these gentle healing messages. 

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Stickers Include:

• Breathe 

• Dear Friend, Get Well

• Every Day Is A Second Chance

• Feel Better Soon

• Here’s To A Speedy Recovery

• Here’s To Courage

• Here’s To Healing

• Here’s To Recovery!

• Here’s To Strength

• Hope

• Hope Is The Best Medicine

• Hope You’re Feeling Better

• I Feel For You, My Friend

• I Wish You Well

• Keep Fighting

• Never Ever Give Up

• One Day At A Time

• Scars Heal

• Sending Good Vibes

• Sending Love Your Way

• Stay Brave

• Stay Brave #2

• Stay Positive

• Stay Strong

• Take Care

• Thinking Of You

• To A Speedy Recovery

• Today Will Be Ok

• To Good Health

• Warm Wishes

• Well Wishes

• Wishing A Speedy Recovery

• Wishing You Well


• You Are A Survivor

• You Are Loved

• You Got This!

Garden of Healing – Animated Sticker Messages was created by Christian Baloga, an American author and award-winning artist. Follow him on Instagram and twitter @cbaloga.

This sticker set is dedicated to my beloved sister, Angela. Although she never got to experience Garden of Healing, I was lovingly thinking of her every second I spent working on them.





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