My First Signature Collection of Apparel Has Gone Public on VIDA

Christian Baloga for VIDA & Co.I was honored to receive contact from VIDA & Co., a Google Ventures backed startup that works with a selective group of artists from around the world to join their renowned fashion design community. VIDA is where craftspeople and manufacturers connect to transform artwork into luxury fashion and apparel products for those with impeccable style and a mindfulness of responsibly produced products.

I present this collection to you on VIDA with such excitement as it represents my lifelong passion and dedication to fashion, art, and bringing real-world benefits to people struggling to rise above the cycle of poverty. According to TNW, “In an interview, CEO Umaimah Mendhro emphasized how this goes beyond monetary compensation; scarf-makers in Karachi, Pakistan, for instance, earn literacy classes for every 15 scarves produced. You’re even able to see how many workers will receive classes based on your purchases.”

To inspire you, I’ll be mixing and matching items from my collection on Polyvore, where you can also discover your own style, create your own outfit, and shop.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you by offering 10% off your next order by using the code VIDAWELCOME. The first ten customers who buy my pieces each receive a 25 USD VIDA gift card. Additionally, for every VIDA product sold, VIDA offers literacy programs for their factory employees. Thank you for your continued support. Shop now!

‘Wake the Wicked’ Paperback Release!

Wake the Wicked

Thirteen Twisted Tales

by Christian Baloga

Announcement Date: September 13th 2013
Release Date: October 9th 2013

“Thoroughly enjoyable, creepy, atmospheric and so so tactile!”

—Lydia Peever, author of Nightface

Wake the Wicked Lydia Peever Quote

In this explosive debut collection of thirteen twisted tales, we meet an alcoholic who’s obsessed with a tattoo of his dead daughter (“Digging Deep”); split Siamese twins with a sinister connection (“Poison Ivy”); two morbid magicians determined to make their final trick unforgettable (“Dusk to Dust”); an army of vengeful wasps who stop at nothing to rebuild a nest (“Unraveling the Nest”); and many more.

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Book illustrations, affordability, Lydia Peever, and blood gifts! Much has changed over the past nine months since the eBook release of Wake the Wicked, and now, I want to go into detail about some exciting announcements regarding the trade paperback edition, or as I call it, “The Luxury Edition,” because it sounds snazzier.

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One of the most significant modifications is the addition of several previously unpublished illustrations, all of which will be exclusive to the print edition (unless future changes occur).

Since art is the love of my life and I’ve been inspired by Victorian literature, when the use of illustrations were popularized in literary fiction, I knew adding illustrations to my book would be essential. At the same time, however, it was integral for me not to add any elements which might detract from the stories themselves. I gave it a try anyway and drew up a couple illustrations. To my surprise, not only did I feel the illustrations enhanced the tales, they became a vital part of the book and the way it’s told. As you’ll see, the illustrations aren’t always depicted as obvious details from the prose, but are instead, abstract and open to interpretation, just as the stories themselves are. I felt the result is a collection that extended and complimented the book. I’m not sure how general readers will take to a modern illustrated book not directed toward kids and isn’t a comic, however, in the name of true artistic expression, I’m willing to push the boundaries—even if it’s not what’s currently in fashion.


Watch the paperback book trailer and you’ll also notice some differences from the eBook cover art: 


The paperback edition of Wake the Wicked will now be sold on and! This is exciting news because I can make the price of the book much more affordable—it cuts out middlemen like Amazon, although it will be sold there as well.


I’m grateful and honored to have Lydia Peever, horror author of Nightface and Pray Lied Eve, endorse the paperback edition of Wake the Wicked! Out of my favorite authors, she was the first I asked as I felt she’d be uniquely qualified and suited to endorse these thirteen twisted tales; and once she accepted, I jumped up and down a little—okay, a fuckin’ lot! Check out her endorsement of the book, here.


And finally, the first thirteen orders of the paperback edition will receive one bloody novelty, hand made by the author himself! The blood run on each will be unique and can be used in a variety of wicked ways. Personally, I use them as: bookmarks (as pictured below), window decorations (I’ve had one stuck on the rear window of my car for a couple weeks.), and wall stickers. No promises on how long they’ll stick—I’m still experimenting, but you’re free to let your imagination run free and spook a couple-two-three!

Note for eBook readers: I haven’t forgot about you—I want to reward you too! So, all those who took the time to read Wake the Wicked and left reviews, no matter how short, will also receive one! Don’t worry if you’ve read, or are currently reading it, but haven’t left a review yet. You’ll still be eligible to receive the blood gift. To receive your free gift, send an email with the subject “BLOOD GIFT” to: by October 1, 2013, 11:59pm EST with your name and mailing address.*




And there you have the release details and modifications for the print edition of Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales.

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Read a sample of the first bizarre tale, here.

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*Valid proof of purchase is required. Details on providing proof of purchase will be emailed once initial “BLOOD GIFT” email request is received. All those who write book reviews before 11:59pm EST on October 1, 2013 are eligible to receive the blood gift. Due to the time it takes to make each novelty, no late entries will be accepted.