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Apple just released my newest animated sticker pack called, Book Wormy – Animated Stickers for iMessage on the App Store! Download HERE.

Book Wormy - Animated Stickers

How to Make A Stellar Bookmark With Duct Tape

Finished Book MarkDon’t let your bookmark slide away, use duct tape all the way. [wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”]

That evening I held an open book, Damned by Chuck Palahniuk, in my left hand—by coincidence, the car was hot as hell. In my right hand I twirled a ratty white ribbon, a quick bookmark substitute at the time, around my fingers.

I take my books everywhere, so it’s no surprise I lose a bookmarks every now and then. Alas, it felt like I lost one for every book I read. In addition to the disappearances, as you can imagine, it led to one more thing being forgotten—my pages, damn it. Read More …

I placed Damned closed on the passenger’s seat and surveyed the back of the car. I had to have something lying around, something more efficient and a bit snazzier than that worn out feather-light string I’d been using.

I didn’t find one thing. I found many. Here are the supplies I collected that were scattered throughout the inside of my car that I used for this tutorial: a cracker box—full before I found it, a roll of galaxy-themed duck tape I just bought that evening, and hair stylist scissors I had packed away from traveling.

Once you’ve gathered these three supplies you can start getting crafty with the first quick three-step method. The second method uses only duct tape to make a more flexible bookmark. Both methods in this tutorial will make for a sturdier, less slippery bookmark while continuing to keep it totally stellar, man.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”bookmark” wrap=”i”] Method 1 of 2:
  1. Cut a long strip from the side of cardboard cracker box. For my bookmark, I first cut the whole side panel out and snipped off the little fold at the top.

Bookmark Step One

2.  Roll the stellar duct tape on the front, starting from the top down; then, flip the cardboard to the backside and continue rolling and covering up that side.



3.  Snip excess duct tape and any exposed cardboard.

Bookmark Step Three


[wp-svg-icons icon=”bookmark” wrap=”i”] Method 2 of 2:
  1. The second, and easiest, way to make a duct tape bookmark is to roll out the tape double your desired length.
  2. Fold it in half so both halves join, sticky side together.
  3. Cut off any excess.

Stellar! You’re all set to save pages with your sturdy, homemade bookmark!

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Instant-Print Your Favorite Books With Espresso Book Machine

Readers and authors, celebrate! Print and read your favorite paperback book in minutes.

Excited Finger Reading Book

Readers, have you ever wished the book you wanted could be printed within minutes, on-site, and for immediate in-store pick-up? Students, has a textbook sold out and you need a copy for your next class? Maybe you’d like a last-minute gift for a bibliophile? You’re all shaking your heads yes, but thinking I’m teasing. I’m delighted to let you know your wish has been granted. The future of book manufacturing is here. A revolutionary piece of technology called Espresso Book Machine (EBM) makes titles available for sale worldwide, within minutes. Wahoo! Read More …

As someone who’s an avid reader, worked close to ten years in the book manufacturing/production industry, and is a published author, the concept of the Espresso Book Machine is brilliant and exciting. It’s one of those inventions that has voracious readers wishing it was available at every corner.

Throughout my employment in the book production/manufacturing industry at Offset Paperback, mfrs., I worked my way up to almost every position available at the two Pocono Mountain Rage facilities including, Pre-Press Specialist, Xerox IGEN Printer, and Book Binder and Operator, to name a few. On the massive production floor at POD, most of the bindery machines were the size of a small bedroom and allowed us to bind thousands of quality books a day. The Xerox printers, the same company that services EBM, on the other hand, were each the length of a typical suburban single family Scranton, PA home. EBM is much more compact—small enough to fit in a coffee shop, bookstore, library, or bedroom. Guess that last one is just wishful thinking on my part.

If recent studies indicate young people’s preference for print products, the future of EBM looks promising. According to a recent article in The Washington Post, pew studies show the highest print readership rates are among those ages 18 to 29. Studies also found eighty-seven percent of textbooks for the fall 2014 semester were print books.

I have one more incredible piece of information to share. My book, Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales, has been accepted by EBM and can be printed in minutes on-site or picked up today in-store! I’m so grateful and excited for it to be a part of the Espresso Book Machine.

Cheers to this incredible innovation! Order here or find an Espresso Book Machine near you and get printing. View map here.

P.S. On Demand Books, we’d love one here in Scranton, PA.