Download ‘Book Wormy – Animated Stickers’ for iMessage

Apple just released my newest animated sticker pack called, Book Wormy – Animated Stickers for iMessage on the App Store! Download HERE.

Book Wormy - Animated Stickers

VOTE for me!

The US presidential election is over, but there’s one more election I want to direct your attention to. Read More …

The Electric City, a weekly arts and entertainment newspaper, is having the annual “Best Of” for people and businesses in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area.
I’d be grateful if you vote for me as ‘Best Local Author‘ and ‘Best Local Visual Artist‘ (under the category Superstars). My name is already listed; you can vote each day until Friday, November 18. Thank you!

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New Book In Progress: Midpoint Update

Typewriter Alive


Once again, I’ve been lost deep in writing, spending an average of nine to twelve hours during weekdays. Yesterday marked the completion of the rough first half of the second act. Today, I’m embarking on a new part, the midpoint, one of the most exciting parts of the story.

Every segment of the novel has offered its challenges. Fortunately, they’ve also ushered in many great surprises. In any event, I’m happy to embrace it all as I continue my journey forward.

Here’s to progress!

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