Raffle Benefit for Original Painting

Please join me in raising money for a nonprofit called Pennsylvanians For Human Life. While volunteering at this pregnancy crisis center, my late mother, Donna Baloga, tirelessly helped her community, supported the needs of mothers-to-be, comforted victims of abuse, and informed the public on protecting the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception. 

By entering the raffle drawing in memory of my beloved mother, you have a chance to win my original acrylic and liquid gold leaf painting (below). All proceeds will benefit the Pennsylvanians for Human Life. 

Raffle tickets will be sold at all masses from Divine Mercy until the drawing on May 13, Mother’s Day, after the Fatima Devotion at Our Lady of Victory Church

Raffle tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

For more information, or if you’re out of the area and would still like to be part of the raffle drawing, contact Lynn Bartz at 570.639.5722. 

My mother did see the finished painting before she passed and did know I was dedicating it to her. I am blessed to be able to contribute my abilities to a meaningful cause such as this. Everyone, especially Carol Carroll, Lynn Bartz, and my dad, who are making this event come true, thank you for this opportunity to honor my mother in best way I know how! I love you all.


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Madonna and Child Painting

[UPDATE 3-19-18]: Raffle tickets for a chance to win my original acrylic and liquid gold leaf painting, dedicated to my mom, Donna Baloga, will be sold at all masses from Divine Mercy until the drawing on May 13, Mother’s Day, at Our Lady of Victory Church, after the Fatima Devotion. $2/Each or 3/$5 All proceeds benefit Pennsylvanians for Human Life, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Please read THIS post for more information.

This acrylic and liquid gold leaf painting is a piece I’ll be donating to a nonprofit organization so they can auction it off; all proceeds will go to them. It will be dedicated, on back, to my beloved late mother, Donna Baloga.

If you’re interested in the final piece, please stay tuned. As you may know it has been harrowing times. I’m surprising the nonprofit so details on which one to come. One of my mother’s main goals as a very active member of this center was to help mothers and babies in crisis. 


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Download ‘Hellocopter – Animated Stickers’ for iMessage

Hellocopter - Animated StickersImagine looking down from a hot air balloon or the Eiffel Tower’s dizzying glass floor. You think, how breathtaking and otherworldly it all looks from up here. You feel as if you were a crow flying above crowds of people.

You notice one man in the crowd stop. Read More …

His tiny head looks up at you and he begins waving hello; now, a woman stops. She gives you a thumbs up. Another person stops, then another, then another. They’re all sending you warm greetings—except a baby in a stroller. He’s crying. What a grump!

You can’t help but feel loved by all the attention and friendly salutations. It’s as if each person was drawn to you and only you. By sending Hellocopter stickers, you too can give loving attention to whoever you choose.

Go on, say hello from above, with the perspective of a dove. Welcome all these wonderful characters today by downloading the animated sticker pack.

If you love Hellocopter, please let us know by leaving a review—doing so will encourage us to add more!  Download HERE.

Stickers Include:
• Waving Man Spitting Out Rainbow
• Annoyed Woman
• Biking Man
• Biking Woman
• Woman Blowing Kiss
• Cat Waving Hello
• Man Clapping
• Confused Man Walking in Circles
• Cop Handing Out Ticket
• Dancing Woman Spinning in Circles, Eyes Bulging Out Hearts of Love
• Dancing Man & Woman
• Twirling Dancing Men
• Twirling Men Dancing Closely
• Woman & Man Dancing Closely
• Dancing Women
• Women Dancing Closely
• Dog Waving Hello
• Thirsty Man Running & Drinking From Water Bottle
• Hungry Man Eating at Table, Mouth Full
• Men Shaking Hands
• Sassy, Irritated Woman with Hand on Hips
• Man Laughing with Tears in His Eyes
• Person Lifting Barbell Weights
• Angry Baby
• Person Shaking Finger and Head No
• Flying Parrot
• Partying Man Holding a Gift
• Woman Holding Phone with A Checkmark
• Plane Flying with Hands Waving Out Windows
• Man Pointing Finger
• Man Reaching Arm Out
• Woman Walking, Carrying Shopping Bags
• Sitting Woman
• Skater
• Skiing Person
• Sleeping Man
• Sleeping Woman On Side
• Sleeping Woman
• Man Standing, Pacing
• Man Above Stop Sign
• Shocked, Wide-Eyed Person Peering Through Binoculars
• Woman Giving Thumbs Up
• Woman Tubing in Water
• Person Twirling Rainbow Umbrella
• Walking Person with Backpack
• Playful Little Girl Waving & Sticking Out Tongue
• Creepy Clown Waving
• Woman in Red Waving
• Santa Claus Waving
• Seating Man Waving
• Old Time Seated Man Waving
• Seated Woman Waving
• Man in Wheelchair

Express yourself in new ways with dynamic and animated Hellocopter stickers you can put anywhere in your chat. Scale, rotate, and layer stickers—even place them on photos you send and receive!

• SEND dynamic and animated stickers in chat
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• SCALE & ROTATE stickers

Hellocopter was created by Christian Baloga, an American author and award-winning artist. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @cbaloga.