‘Gnome Sweet Gnome -Animated Stickers’ T-Shirts & Merchandise

The official merchandise store for the popular iMessage sticker set, Gnome Sweet Gnome – Animated Stickers, opened its doors today. After Apple featured the quirky sticker pack on the front page of the Apple App Store in late 2016, early 2017, Gnome Sweet Gnome has gained enough popularity to branch out into other areas of expression. Now you can finally show your love for Mika the Gnome with these custom wearables.

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VOTE for me!

The US presidential election is over, but there’s one more election I want to direct your attention to. Read More …

The Electric City, a weekly arts and entertainment newspaper, is having the annual “Best Of” for people and businesses in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area.
I’d be grateful if you vote for me as ‘Best Local Author‘ and ‘Best Local Visual Artist‘ (under the category Superstars). My name is already listed; you can vote each day until Friday, November 18. Thank you!

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Fifth Piece in Fashion Collection LIVE: “POLKA DOTS & RED POPPIES”

I present to you Polka Dots & Red Poppies, the fifth piece in my collection at VIDA. VIDA - Christian Baloga - Polka Dots & Red Poppies - Modal Scarf Read More …

This modal scarf was inspired by fond memories I have from watching The Wonderful Wizard of Oz movie as a child. Click HERE to shop now.

To view my entire signature fashion collection, click HERE.

Fabrication: 100% Modal

Modal is a luxuriously soft botanic silk fabric made out of European beechwood. Because of modal’s botanic origin, it is particularly eco-friendly and its fineness is comparable to that of natural silk.

Care: Dry Clean Only
One Size: 30″ x 86″ (Approximate)