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Ghost Train - Christian Baloga Portrait

Christian’s unwavering passion for creation has driven him to create many award-winning pieces throughout his life. His artwork has also been displayed at various exhibits and art shows since childhood, including three human hair sculptures at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum; his published book, Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales, fulfilled his lifelong dream to write, publish, illustrate, and design a collection of short horror stories in late 2012. In late 2016 – early 2017, Christian’s iMessage stickers, Gnome Sweet Gnome were featured on the front page of Apple’s iTunes App store. Christian attended Luzerne County Community College and Marywood University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in graphic design. To learn more about Christian and his projects, I implore you to peek behind the curtain of his website where a bizarre world awaits you.

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Christian Baloga is a Pennsylvania-based author, award-winning graphic designer, artist, illustrator and photographer.

Baloga began his creative process during infancy. One day, his father recalls finding Christian dipping a paintbrush in the back of his own soiled diaper, then painting the walls. It was at that moment his father knew Christian was destined for success.

During childhood, he drew everything in front of him—along with everything his mind’s eye imagined. He especially favorited cartoon characters, which included Sailor Moon, The Simpsons and Ren and Stimpy (even though it was prohibited by his parents).

Baloga wrote, illustrated, and designed his first book during elementary school with magazine cutouts, staples, glue and a pen. It was just the beginning . . .

It was at this time, Baloga enveloped himself in a bitmap drawing program for Windows called Kid Pix where he created his first pieces of digital art. As he grew older, Christian’s father brought home a copy of a program called Coral Draw. It was perfect timing because Christian was ready to design a book cover for a fantasy novel he was in the process of writing.

The first published book Christian designed was on the cover of a title called “Mogin’s Maulers,” a 362nd fighter group’s history of WWII, which featured an illustration he painted from a photograph of his grandfather, John Baloga, in front of his P49 Thunderbolt.

Seventh grade started his obsession with Japanese culture after reading a book called “So Far From the Bamboo Grove,” by Yoko Kawashima Watkins. It was at this time, Baloga began teaching himself Japanese and promised himself he’d travel to Japan one day—especially after discovering anime and reading “Memoirs of a Geisha,” by Arthur Golden.

During middle-school and high-school, Baloga was awarded winner at the Luzerne County Fair, Arts & Crafts Exhibit and took first and second place for photography; first place for woodwork art; second place for watercolor painting; and second place in the “Design the Cover Contest.”

In high-school, Baloga began his graphic design freelancing career when he first learned how to use Adobe Illustrator to design a T-shirt graphic for the Harveys Lake Victory Run.

At this time, he wrote a series of (very popular-to-pass-around) erotica short stories, which included vampire characters and other dark teenage fantasies. He can’t remember what ever happened to them.

LCCC 40th Anniversary Logo

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In 2007 he obtained an associates degree from Luzerne County Community College, where he studied graphic design. During his studies there, he won the Luzerne County Community College 40th Anniversary logo contest. Christian also worked at Offset Paperback Manufacturers Inc. as college help, where he worked in the book bindery as a press operator and printer’s assistant. He was later hired to learn pre-press from artist, Lisa Wray, where he also worked as a Life Celebration’s Operator who assembled brochures, prayer card templates, and created portraitures under Life Celebration for clients who recently lost a loved one.

In fall of 2007, he enrolled at Marywood University to study graphic design. During this time he obtained a graphic design and illustration internship at the Scranton Times Tribune newspaper. He was elected president and founder of the CMYKlub (graphic design club) and was also elected as the Public Relations Officer for the Marywood University International Club.

In May 2009, Baloga hosted a First Friday art exhibit held at Green Being in Scranton PA; the exhibit also included other member’s art from the CMYKlub. The art had a common theme devoted to ecologically intelligent design.

Addy Award Winners

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In 2009, Baloga was awarded two bronze Addy Award medals for a book cover design and a candy package design; in 2010 he was awarded a gold Addy Award medal for a T-shirt he designed for the CMYKlub.

In 2010, he graduated from Marywood University in Scranton, PA, with a bachelor’s degree of fine arts, specializing in graphic design.

During the years 2010 and 2011, Baloga worked as the Head Graphic Designer at Appalachian Apps. There, he designed UI for mobile applications, interactive eBook applications, interactive games, and worked on social media marketing.

In 2011, Baloga won the Helene T. Ciampi Memorial Award for his work entitled “Extinction” at the Fine Arts Fiesta held in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

AT&T 2011 Open Call Contest Winner Award

AT&T 2011 Open Call Contest Winner Award for Rah Digga’s Straight Spittin Mobile Application.

W-B Twp. Firm's Hip-hop App Earns Recognition

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Baloga was awarded the AT&T winner for best new mobile application in 2011 for “Rah Digga’s Straight Spittin’.”

On December 21, 2012, Baloga fulfilled his lifelong dream of writing, designing, and publishing his first book, “Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales,” edited by Michael Garrett, editor for the most successful writers of our time: Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard Matheson (to name a few).

In 2013 Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum purchased three of Christian’s human hair sculptures which are on display throughout the world at various times. 

In late 2016 – early 2017, Christian’s iMessage sticker pack, Gnome Sweet Gnome was featured on the front page of Apple’s iTunes App store. He continues to make animated stickers for the Apple app store. Check them out here.

Although Christian has had many setbacks in his lifetime, his determination remains unwavering. This moment marks the dawn of a new chapter for him, one that’s painted with plans of extraordinary feats. Stay tuned by signing up for his newsletter here.

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As you’ve read, Christian Baloga is passionate about artistic expression and creation.

Here are some other personal details about him:

—He enjoys traveling, urban exploring, being one with nature, kayaking, yoga, laughing till he pees, and experiencing the latest technological innovations

—At an early age, he developed a deep compassion for animals and has, since 2001, maintained a strict vegetarian/vegan diet which not only cleanses his spirit, but also his physical body

—His favorite holiday is Halloween and he celebrates it daily

—He is fascinated by all things paranormal, morbid, bizarre, and dark yet he strives to remain connected to high vibrational celestial light

Complete resume available upon request.

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