New Book In Progress: Midpoint Update

Typewriter Alive


Once again, I’ve been lost deep in writing, spending an average of nine to twelve hours during weekdays. Yesterday marked the completion of the rough first half of the second act. Today, I’m embarking on a new part, the midpoint, one of the most exciting parts of the story.

Every segment of the novel has offered its challenges. Fortunately, they’ve also ushered in many great surprises. In any event, I’m happy to embrace it all as I continue my journey forward.

Here’s to progress!

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New Book Underway . . .

Christian Baloga's New Book Underway

12,081. As of today, that’s the number of words I’ve written in my newest book.

I couldn’t be more proud of what I’ve written this far about a series of unworldly events in the early 1900s that were so obscure, so startling, they never made it into textbooks. The story begins in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Read More …

with the eerie abduction of a woman whose unwitting family, desperate to find her, becomes embroiled in a scourge of nightmares that disfigure the world as they know it. Unknown to them, a merciless, invasive force is at hand—much closer than they think. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they must band together to survive before madness and death overtake them.

Working on this monumental novel has taken over a year, and will demand more time to complete. But with the outline finished and the rough second act underway, it’s exhilarating to see the story come alive.

While you’re waiting, read an excerpt from my first bizarre book, Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales here.

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Before I sign off and get back to work, I want to wish all my readers and art fans happy holidays. Hope you’re having an eventful 2016, and thank you for the support you gave me this year, and all the years before.

Speed Painting: Wednesday Addams in Human Blood [VIDEO]


Over the last few weeks I’ve been uploading a series of tiny nightmares painted with my blood to Instagram. People have been fascinated by how it’s done, so I’d now like to present to you this short film I’ve created, and sped up 5,000 times, of me painting a portrait of Wednesday Addams drinking poison.

View the finished piece (3/4” x 1/2”) here on Instagram.

Tiny Nightmares: Paintings In Human Blood

Happy Curious Events Day! As a toast to the strange, I’ve been posting my latest micro paintings in human blood to Instagram. Each painting is 3/4″ or smaller; and like any typical painting I use brushes to apply the media, but mostly for larger areas. How I paint the most minute details is up to your imagination.

Expect to see more pint-sized nightmares, or as I call them, paintmares, like these in the future. I’ll also be selling prints and originals in the future. Stay tuned.

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Read More …

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See Life Through My Eyes, On Instagram

Want to see the world through my eyes? I’m sharing my life on Instagram, right meow. In fact, I just created a public account today and have been sharing (3/4″ x 3/4″) watercolor illustrations painted with my own blood—just in time for Halloween. Follow me @cbaloga 

Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day With #BookVogue


What if you could wear your favorite books? With Polyvore, you can! In honor of National Book Lover’s Day, I’ve just created a very special group called “Book Vogue” for us bibliophiles devoted to fashion. Over the past week or so, you might have even seen a couple posts of mine showing sets based on my admiration of both. The set below is a feminine look befitting the book Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales. I’ve even created a set inspired by author Edgar Allan Poe and a story called, “Under the Thorns” from the book Wake the Wicked.

Wake the Wicked - Lady Horror - #BookVogue

I encourage you to join the “Book Vogue” group on Polyvore to curate your own style sets to show off your unique interpretations of your favorite books, scenes, and authors. It’s up to your literary imagination to create something bibliotastic to inspire the world. Keep an eye out for future contests specific to the “Book Vogue” group where you could win signed author books, art, and more.

Sign up here, on Polyvore, to create your first set and use hashtag #BookVogue on social media.

*Authors and artists, you can hold contests specific to your work by joining “Book Vogue.”

Scranton Arts Seen Gallery Carries ‘Wake the Wicked’ Book

Arts Seen Gallery & Café

The Arts Seen Gallery Co-op & Café is a First Friday venue where one can relax, buy art from NEPA artists, and enjoy the comforts of a radiant café with free wifi. The non-profit organization is located in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania and celebrated it’s Grand Opening Celebration on Friday June 5th, 2015. Read More …


I stopped there on Lackawanna Ave. My eyes were magnetized by the words “Art” and “Gallery” on an a-frame message board on the sidewalk.

“Wait,” I said to my friend, Brian, who was walking a good distance ahead of me. “In here.” I motioned him to follow me in a building in front of the board. To our left was a bright storefront café; to our right, a collection of works from local artists; ahead, a tall stand with shelves displaying art—and a book.

For the rest of the day I thought about how wonderful it would be to have my book, Wake the Wicked, sold in a venue that contributes as much to the Scranton art scene as the Arts Seen Gallery does; I was determined to try to get my book in the store.

A day or two later, Brian and I returned to the Gallery. Taking a single paperback from my vintage 1960s American Tourister bag, I pitched Wake the Wicked to Kim Kulagina, volunteer operations manager of Arts Seen Gallery.

I stood in front of her as she scanned my book, giving it a meticulous overview. My palms became wet with sweat until she gave me good news. She accepted the offer to sell it in-store!

After some mandatory business talk, she went on to inform me about all the wonderful happenings of the Gallery. One of them in particular, will be this coming Friday, July 3, at 6:30 PM where a Beatles tribute band, Revolution, will jam out, followed by an open-mic night.

I’ll be sure to attend this First Friday event. I invite all interested parties to come out to Arts Seen Gallery Co-op & Café to support the arts in Scranton. Click here for “A peak behind the curtain; a preview of some of the amazing events/exhibits coming your way this First Friday Scranton July 3, 2015.”

Shop local, read everywhere. Hope to see you there!

Visit Arts Seen Gallery Co-op & Café at 534 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503, call 570-703-0768, or go online at

Learn more about the First Friday Scranton art walks online at

Meet Sallee, The Backseat Witch

Sallee the WitchThis is Sallee, the witch who’s been living in the backseat of my car for the last few years.

I’ve been meaning to share this story for a long time. Here’s the anecdote I’d written that put a little more boom in my  2014 Independence Day: While walking passed my car one morning, a rightfully concerned pedestrian saw Sallee in the backseat, not moving, for two days in the scorching heat. On the third day, the pedestrian called 911. . . Read More …

I remember hearing a crescendo of sirens from cop cars and ambulances as they rushed in. It was obnoxious and I was trying to sleep. Unknowing or caring what what the fuss was about, I fell back into a much needed slumber. Hey, when a soul needs rest it could care less if the bed was on fire. I later found out the police and ambulance team told the pedestrian it was just a mannequin. Bet they were all relieved.

Now I’ve heard an ample amount of screaming from teenage girls as they caught sight of Sallee. But never, or so I thought, after getting a closer look, had one continued to think she was still alive. [UPDATE] Since writing the preceding anecdote, a new coworker of mine had also wondered why a “beautiful girl” sat for hours waiting in the backseat of my car each day while I worked. Unbeknownst to me, this went on for a while. The other coworkers knew Sallee by now, but decided to play a prank on the newby by pretending to be oblivious. A few weeks later, the coworker mustered up enough courage to ask me about my “friend” in the backseat. She was relieved. I never asked, but always wondered what she was more concerned about, that the “beautiful” joyriding girl joined me to work every day, or that the girl was dressed in the same Halloween witch getup. Either way, I bet I’d left her with many more questions than I had for her.

Now, if you happen upon a stiff in the backseat of a car, take a closer look. It may just be a defunct mannequin named Sallee.

Happy #WorldGothDay!